Waking up

I woke up this morning at 7am. This stinks, because it’s a Saturday, but I have a full-day class today. I puttered around, getting ready for the day, and was gratified that my daughter got up at the same time to begin her day, too. It was nice to have her with me, to be able to look at her and hear her voice and hug her before I left for class.

On weekday mornings, I usually get up at 6, shower, dress, and head out the door by about 6:30. I may not see any of my family members until I pick the kids up from school in the afternoon. I miss them during the day. I can’t wait to hear their voices again. (Well, at least until they start arguing…)

So today I’m grateful that my daughter got up with me this morning and saw me off to school. It was a small effort on her part, but it really helped shape the day.