Best Spiritual Advice Ever

I want to make sure this set of advice gets seen, because it is the most amazing set of guidelines I’ve ever seen, thanks to one of the wisest companions on the journey that I have encountered:

If you are serious about making a spiritual connection with a power greater than ourselves, try the following suggestions:

  • Let go of big things and embrace little things.
  • Ignore loud things and listen for quiet things.
  • Put aside obvious things and seek out hidden things.
  • Forget easy things and learn hard and ancient things.
  • Stop saving your life and start losing it.
  • Let your thinking and believing become doing and serving.
  • Quit trying to arrive and become at home on the journey.
  • Lose your road maps and find a wise guide to walk with you.

Love the idea of God with all your heart, soul, mind, body, life, work, and strength. And while you’re at it, try loving other people as much as you love yourself. You won’t be able to do either of these, but trying will be very good for you.

Do these things all of your days and forever. Do these things and live.

Holy cow – it sounds so simple, doesn’t it? One of the things I’ve learned along the journey is that the answer really is simple. It just isn’t always easy.

I recommend reading the entire post here, but be warned: this gem came in the midst of some other stuff that, well, I just didn’t enjoy reading. No, that’s not right. I always enjoy reading RLP – it was just a topic that annoyed me as much as it did him.

Thank you, RLP. I need to print that out and post it at my desk as a daily reminder.

Update: Okay, so I removed the completely terrible title. This one is less, erm, in your face, but much more me.


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  1. Thanks for the posting and great guidelines, Dr Gary Chapman, author of the 5 love languages, has released his new book on Love, Relationship and Life, “Love is a Verb” very moving and inspiring true stories, check it out.


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