A couple of random comments

I had my annual performance review yesterday. On the Ides of March. Despite that, it went well.

This afternoon, I need to try to find some sort of faux gold coins – either the plastic ones or the chocolate kind – for my pot o’gold for tomorrow. This should be a fun shopping excursion.

Last night, the temperature dropped by more than 15 degrees F during my class. When I left the building in my short-sleeved shirt, it felt deliciously cool, and inspired a haiku:

Cool wind on my skin
smells of fresh mulch and of rain
springtime has arrived.

My former boss visited from Minnesota this week. He has always been impeccably professional, but I had grown very close to him over the last four years, and whenever he arrived in the office, I just wanted to hug him instead of shaking his hand. On this visit, since he’s no longer my boss, when he arrived, I went to greet him with a hug, and he seemed pleased and surprised. When he left for the airport, rather than extending a hand to me, he reached out both arms for a good-bye hug. When he offered his hand to my officemate, she said, “What! I don’t get a hug?!?”Even though I’d rather be relaxing at home, I’m looking very much forward to my first flute gig of 2007 tomorrow.

Our new bird feeders have become very popular. I’ve seen plenty of grackles (of course), several juncoes, some mourning doves, and a lady cardinal. And I love to watch the squirrels try to get to it the feeders! The finch feeder remains untouched as of yet, but I remain hopeful.

I still have Holst‘s First Suite for Band running through my head, as it has been for about a week now. Thankfully, it’s music of some complexity, and it’s interesting, and I like it. But I’m a little tired of the earworm.

Peace be with you! May you have a joy-filled weekend – and be safe this St. Patrick’s Day!