Friday Five: Whatcha doin’?

From RevGalBlogPals comes this week’s Friday Five:

Well friends, this is one of those weeks when I simply must work today, which is normally my day off. I know, I know. We may tut-tut all we want, but the fact is, some weeks are like that. So, this week’s F5 is simple.Name five things you plan to do today.

Bonus: If today is about “have-to” for you as well, share up to five things you’d like to be doing today.

Well, I’m not a professional Christian who only works one day a week, so I have to work every Friday.

Hey – I’m JUST KIDDING – stop hitting me! Ouch! That hurts!

Okay, seriously now. Five things I plan to do today include…

  1. Having an MRI of my shoulder this afternoon. I haven’t had this fun experience before, but my daughter’s had three. I’m not dreading it, but not exactly looking forward to it either. (Silly story: when I pre-registered, they asked me about three times if I’m claustrophobic. I answered no, but perhaps a more accurate response would have been, “I can’t be sure; I’ve never really tested that question.”)
  2. Finishing my brochures. I’m playing Irish music on my flute at the Norfolk Botanical Garden tomorrow. This is not a paying gig, as I’m a Garden volunteer, but I’m planning to use it as a marketing opportunity. I designed a trifold brochure, paid a pretty penny for some nice, thick, glossy brochure paper, and have been printing them out in small batches. With the print quality set to “Best,” each one takes a while to print. So I tend to set 10 fronts printing, then come back in an hour to feed them back in to print the backs,…
  3. Recalibrating my revenue forecast. Of course, I need information from other teams, so I may not be able to get this done today.
  4. Going to a free Carbon Leaf concert at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront tonight… IF the weather looks okay. That’s a big IF, because the one-word description I keep hearing for today’s weather is DOWNPOURS. My idea of a lovely evening is not sitting outside, in the cold, dark, blustery, downpour and listening to a band play from underneath a shelter. Maybe I’ve just turned into an old fuddy-duddy, though.
  5. Clean the hedgehog cage. This may not sound like a lot of fun, but it’s a regular weekly chore that I rather enjoy. I flip on the radio in the kitchen to the classical station, and then take Angel out and put her in her Critter Ball so she can tool around freely while I work. I take everything out of her cage to be washed and sanitized. I remove the bedding from the bottom level, wipe out the floor, and replace the bedding. I get all the stuff put back into her cage and refill her food and water, usually setting out some treats for her. Then I take Angel out of her critter ball and give her a warm bath, maybe trim her little toenails. She enjoys her bath, and is her most personable and cuddly afterward. I dry her off as much as I can in a towel, and then wrap her up in a blankie for some serious cuddle time.

If I had my druthers, I would instead be spending this cold, blustery, downpour-y day doing the following:

  1. Sitting in my recliner, dressed in sweats, with a blanket wrapped around me.
  2. Drinking cocoa or Earl Grey
  3. Listening to beautiful music
  4. Reading my book
  5. And probably checking email and reading blogs, too.

I hope you all have a productive and meaningful day, whether you have to work or not.


15 thoughts on “Friday Five: Whatcha doin’?

  1. No way I’d sit out in the dark cold rain for any concert or anything…so blessed to have a choice! Your “druther” day sounds like the day off I was lucky enough to have on Monday…good play!


  2. Hope the MRI goes well.

    Never had a hedgehog, but we loved to watch the hamster in his ball chasing the dog around the house.


  3. Wow what a day you have. I like your want tos and hope you have sometime to do those too.
    HOpe the MRI goes well, just deep breathe and listen in your mind to your flute music. Let us know.
    Thanks for writing on my blog.
    And welcome to revgalblogpals. You sound like a neat person to know.


  4. Irish tunes in a botanical garden – sounds lovely. And a hedgehog? Cool. They are the neatest little critters…


  5. Hi Hedwyg,

    Since I am fighting off a cold, and I have a long list of things I have to do but none absolutely due tomorrow, my “have to” list sounds like your wish list, with the addition of lots of zinc and echinacea….I have learned to drop everything I can when illness threatens, as a message that I’ve been doing too much, and can generally fend it off or keep it very mild if I do so. Will work on my subversive Prodigal Son thoughts for Sunday if I can, though, cause I hate last minute pressure and don’t want to have to do it all tomorrow.

    Have a great day and weekend, and enjoy the hedgehog snuggling!


  6. PS: I keep meaning to ask if the Hedwyg is inspired by Harry Potter’s owl? I assume that is a more likely choice than the medieval Polish saint, though she’s a good sort too. My friend Betsy did her research paper and presentation on that Hedwig in our medieval monastic women seminar, then came as her to our Halloween party.


  7. 🙂 Actually, my real first name is a very common one for 30-somethings in America that sounds a little like Hedwig. And my husband used to call anyone with that name Hedwig, which I thought was goofy but cute

    Naturally, when the HP books came out, Hedwig became much cooler. And when I signed up for gmail, Hedwig was already taken, but Hedwyg was not. So that’s the story!

    Best to you as you recover from doing-to-much (which tends to afflict me, as well).


  8. “Are you claustrophobic?”
    Suggested answers for MRI fun:
    “No, I quite like my claustro”
    “Only when I’m in small tight spaces”
    “Hey! Does the ACLU know you ask that question?”

    Irish songs on a flute in a garden? Child, you taunt us with this! Record yourself doing this and add a widget on your blog so we can enjoy it too! (she demanded imperiously)

    Great lists!


  9. Hi Hedwyg. If you were really really claustrophobic you’d have trouble in elevators and small bathrooms. I’m much better now but there was a time . . 🙂

    Have fun with the little cuddly Angel person


  10. tunes sound great – outside not so great. You live in VB? I was just down there last week for modulars!!!



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