This has been a mostly quiet day. I woke up, and with my fuzzy eyesight, thought the clock across the room said “6:55.” I’ve been waking up around 7am most weekends (to my annoyance), so I savored the cool morning for a moment, then stretch and got up. When I put on my glasses, I found that the clock said “8:55.” Holy crap! My daughter had to be at school for All City Chorus at 8:30! My family must be really angry with me! I found my son working on homework at his computer, and my daughter and husband were gone. I hope she didn’t feel bad that I didn’t give her a good-bye hug and kiss (and her latest thing – pats on the head). I can’t wait to hear them sing this afternoon. I remember how amazed and inspired I always was by things like all-district band. The concerts would give me a high that lasted for hours, unless something happened to bring me back to earth all at once.

I came downstairs and cleaned the hedgehog cage. That little critter is too funny. I love to listen to her tiny feet running in her wheel.

It is much cooler today than yesterday, when the thermometer topped 80F (26ishC, for those of you who measure things with those newfangled units). I’d be happiest if the temperature only went above 75F a couple times a year. I’d much rather be chilly – and able to snuggle up in sweaters and blankets, drink cocoa, and watch a fire – than hot.

I had two interesting dreams last night. The first: I was at a meeting at the diocesan office, and was being told that my application for postulancy to the priesthood was being accepted. Since I haven’t given any kind of thought to that for about six years, it took me totally by surprise. There are some very appealing aspects of the priesthood, but there’s no way I want to be rector of a parish. No THANK you! I have great admiration for the clergyfolk I know, because I know I don’t have what it takes to pastor a parish. Teachers, too. As a child, I always wanted to teach, but increasing self-knowledge in high school and college led me to conclude that spending 8 hours a day trapped with 30 of someone else’s children was not something I would be able to handle.

The second: I was about to go onstage to play saxophone in a competition. Now, I dabbled with the alto sax in high school for a short time, so I could play in the jazz band. The fingerings are very similar to the flute, but I only played at it for a few months. In the dream, the sax had a double reed (like an oboe or bassoon) rather than a single reed, and I had to wet it. I did not have a cup of water, like most oboists I’ve seen keep with them, so some of you may come up with Freudian associations for wetting one’s reed. I put the reed on the mouthpiece and fastened the sax to the strap just as I went onto the stage, and then woke up.

And I woke up with a line from Billy Joel’s Christie Lee going through my head: “She didn’t need another lover, all she wanted was the SAX.” I’ve been singing that blasted song all day, and I knew the earworm will haunt me until I find that CD (if I even have it) and listen to it. And… it looks like I don’t have that CD. I’ll have to listen to Vienna instead, which is one of my favoritest songs, because he could have written it to me. “Slow down, you crazy child; you’re so ambitious for a juvenile, and if you’re so smart, then tell me why are you still so afraid?”

A little while ago, we had a Glue Stick Emergency, and had to run up to the grocery store for glue sticks so that the son could finish his poster for school. When we got home, I had a slice of whole-grain toast with crunchy peanut butter on top, and had to defend the fundamental goodness of crunchy peanut butter over creamy. I can’t believe that this isn’t obvious to everyone!

But overall, it’s been a relaxing day so far. I needed one of those. Peace and joy be with you today!


5 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. Of course crunchy peanut butter is superior to creamy….that’s a no-brainer. 🙂

    I am glad that you got some much needed extra rest–you deserve it and your family can handle it. And that you’re having a peaceful day and have the concert to look forward to.


    I’m having a hard time settling to my writing today after a good day yesterday. Prayers would be most appreciated.

    Pax christi,



  2. *chimes in with the crunchy-crowd*

    Your hedgehog — reminds me of a night this week when I actually got poor lonely Reinhart (the rat) out of his cage and let him sit on my shoulder for an hour or so. He mostly just sat quietly, sniffed around a bit, but it was lovely, very comfortable. I need to spend more time with him now Siegfried’s gone.

    And prayers for focus and inspiration for you, Laura; get ye some writing done!


  3. Ok, a dream that the diocese gave you the go ahead…and you haven’t thought about it in six years…hum…my first sense of call was to hosptial chaplancy (but I ended up in a parish and much to my surprise really like it, but that’s another story). Point is, the church needs priests, but not all of us are called to serve in a parish – and few parishes can really afford a full time priest – so the real point is – what IS GOD CALLLING for you? hum, just wondering…


  4. Great, now I have “Vienna” in my head! Which isn’t so bad, because he could’ve written it to me, too.


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