Oh, it’s just always something, isn’t it! :-)

While perusing blogs today, I found that I had been tagged by Mother Laura with the “six weird things” meme. Ack! Now I have to decide which things are weird but charming, and which are just completely frickin’ insane. Hmmmm….

  1. I used to be terrified of dragonflies, but when I was about 18, I fell in love with them, and I find them beautiful now. The story is this: a friend and I were driving in his car, from the college campus to another friend’s house. While we were driving, a dragonfly flew into the FM antenna, and got stuck there. I was terrified and horrified. I couldn’t tell if the poor thing was alive or dead, because the wind kept it flapping as we drove. Despite this being just a bug – of a type that frightened me! – I had to fight back tears. After about 10 minutes, we arrived at the friend’s house and pulled into the driveway, and I saw that the dragonfly was still moving, and I knew that it was still alive, but must be in an incredible amount of pain. I couldn’t bring myself to touch it, and I felt absolutely terrible about this. After staring at it mutely for more than a minute and trying to find a solution (while my friend tried to convince, cajole, and even guilt-trip me away from the car), I finally gave the antenna a little flip so that the dragonfly fell to the driveway. Then I fled to the house, my hands covering my face. We were only there a couple minutes, because our friend wasn’t home. As we walked back to the car, I realized that the dragonfly was no longer on the driveway. I searched for it, and found it in the grass, where it had crawled because it could no longer fly. And as much as it had terrified me just a few minutes before, I was amazed and inspired by the dying dragonfly, and I loved it, thoroughly and completely.
  2. As I read The Far Side religiously when I was younger, I now read Pearls Before Swine religiously. I relate with all of the characters in Pearls for different reasons, and its wry, sly, dark humor makes me laugh out loud just about every day.
  3. I often find myself laughing in totally and completely inappropriate situations. This is not always appreciated, as you might imagine.
  4. I once played in an early music consort that was hired to provide recorder music during a series of performances of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (which just may be my favorite of his comedies, but Much Ado About Nothing is up there, too). Although we were all female, we had to dress up as “the Duke’s men,” wearing tabards and blousons and hose, and putting our hair up under hats. And it was discovered fairly early on that our, um, underthings had to be exactly the right shade of black – or nonexistent – so that they were not visible to the audience. I only played with the group during the performances for local schools, which is a good thing, because I did not possess underthings of the exact right shade of black. (Blush)
  5. I’ve seen The Princess Bride more than two dozen times, and can probably quote most of it from memory. That does not, however, stop me from watching it again. And again and again and again.
  6. Although you probably wouldn’t be surprised by most of my tastes in music, I do occasionally dip back into my collection of heavy metal from the late ’80s (and before). I’ve actually seen Aerosmith, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Motley Crue in concert. I will say that I only went to the latter two concerts so as not to be seen as uncool to the guy I was dating at the time, but Aerosmith was a lot of fun (and I would go to hear Bon Jovi in a heartbeat, if I weren’t too cheap to pay for the tickets). And six or seven years ago, I found Def Leppard‘s Hysteria on cassette for almost nothing, and I bought it solely for Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Okay, so I hope that is sufficiently revealing and embarrassing to satisfy the meme. πŸ™‚ As I understand them, the rules are:

  1. Reveal six weird things about yourself on your blog, and
  2. Tag six people to do the same.

So I will tag… Sr. Gloriamarie, Rob+, Eileen, Unsaintly Pat, Doxy, and Sue. Have fun, y’all!


6 thoughts on “Oh, it’s just always something, isn’t it! :-)

  1. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I did it on purpose!

    Have fun storming the castle! (my personal favorite these days!)

    What a classic!



  2. The one that keeps coming to my mind lately is, “Yes, I AM a silly girl!” And the rhyme game, of course…

    But my day is now complete, having found the motherlode. Wow. Now I don’t even have to find the DVD, plug it in, and watch it. I can just read the words and see the whole thing in my head. I am beside myself with anticipation. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh my, Hedwyg!! I’ve never been tagged before. I feel so honored…

    I have to lead EFM tonight, so will try to get to it tomorrow. The question is…how can I limit myself to only SIX weird things?! πŸ˜‰


  4. Aaaaaaaaaah!

    I’m pretty weird. Six weird things shouldn’t be hard, but like you, it’s choosing which six things are weird enough to not be lame, and but not so weird as to be disturbing!


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