Unsettled Times

I’ll admit that even though I’m very intentionally trying to limit my exposure to the media blitz on the shootings at Virginia Tech, I still manage to see reminders around me, and am not able to completely avoid it. I am praying hard for everyone touched by this terrible, frightening day.

In the category of other unsettling things, I’m still having trouble settling into the new job I assumed in January. I had been part of a team that was scattered over 1300 miles, but our manager was very good at intentionally building cohesion and a sense of common purpose. My new time consists of only three members, two of whom are at our corporate HQ about 200 miles away, but the lead is not as experienced at team-building, especially the special challenges of building a team with remote members. As frustrations continued to mount, I had an opportunity to chat with my manager this morning. He listened to me, he reflected back what I said, he offered insights, and he asked me to think over a couple of things and get back to him on what my best solution would be to them. This was very powerful. To be heard! To be understood! To have one’s opinion sought! I’m really glad I took the chance and called him, because I was this close (thumb and index finger about 1/2 inch apart) from leaning back and waiting the six or nine months to be found irrelevant to the company’s goals and quietly let go. Now I’m much more hopeful about my future. Of course, one immediate effect is that I’ll be making monthly trips up to the corporate HQ for the next few months. But a couple days away from my uncomfortable and unsettling home life might not be a bad thing right now. And I love taking trips like that, when one can stay in a nice room, choose one’s music or tv show or book, and just enjoy the different scenery for a time.

I saw my orthopedist and physical therapist today. The orthopedist seems to be pushing surgery, but I can’t take the time out for that until early to mid July, so I’m not even really thinking about it right now. The physical therapist is dubious about the potential benefits of surgery, given my “impressive diagnosis.” I know that the surgery will require months and months of physical therapy, just to get back to where I am now, and that it has a good chance of not “fixing” anything or really relieving the discomfort. But for now, the physical therapy I’m doing is helping a great deal. At least, until I go and take on four-hour flute gigs, like I have this weekend… I’ll be paying for that for a week or so!

Speaking of four-hour flute gigs, this Sunday (April 22) is the 20th anniversary of The Well Spiritual Retreat Center in Smithfield, Virginia, from noon to 5pm. They’re celebrating with an open house, art show, dessert, and tea, and it should be a lot of fun. The Well is a beautiful place, with a lake and trails through the woods and a very cool labyrinth to walk. Since the weather should be absolutely perfect, I will likely set up on the screened porch, where there are lots of rocking chairs and places to put your feet up. So if you’d like to check out a really great place for restoring your spirit, and hear some flute music (from 1 to 5), I hope you’ll come on out!


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  1. How wonderful to be heard! And, your header says something about “one day at a time”, right? So you don’t have to worry about the surgery right now. All you have to do is keep the therapy going, keep the blogging up, and keep the rest of your life in as good shape as possible. Know that the rest of us on this team are with you all the way.


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