Weeds, Glorious Weeds!

Last month I mentioned my Amazing Black Thumb of Death (particularly in the comments of that post), and how if I want something to grow, it dies, but if I consider it a weed, it thrives. I’d mentioned my yard being full of oniongrass, dandelions, wild strawberries, clover, and wild violets, and Rev. Maria begged me to keep focusing on those violets as weeds, as she has little success in growing them.

Well, I’ll admit that when I talk about them with most people, I reframe them as wildflowers. The only difference between a wildflower and a weed, after all, is whether you want it to grow where it is. If I decide I like my weeds just fine where they are, then they become wildflowers. 🙂 And here they are…

Violets along the edge of the deck:

Violets (and other weeds) along the fence line:
And the glorious chaos in the uncultivated garden bed beneath the kitchen window:

So there you have it: weeds, lots of weeds! But, you know, those bright yellow buttercups and dandelions, and the pretty purple violets make me smile. It is spring! And there is life, and beauty, and joy! And God is good! Alleluia!


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