Rosy Red Cheeks, Joyful Smile

When I came downstairs yesterday morning, I found this poem hung on the wall for me, from my son. (Lest my daughter feel left out, she had made me a heart keychain from beads, but I don’t have a photo of it to post.)

Rosy Red Cheeks, Joyful Smile
It’s Mothers’ Day,
And I forgot to get something!
I hope Mom
Won’t be too mad.
I don’t like to disappoint her,
And her frown makes me sad.
Oh no!
Here she comes!
Look at her face,
As she comes down the stairs.
Rosy Red Cheeks,
And Joyful smile.
I know what to do for her,
and I know she will be glad.

Today, as every day, I am thankful for my children. They are quite a gift, entrusted to my hands by God, and I pray every day that I can live up to that trust and not mess them up too badly. 🙂 I shared with a friend recently that we are all messed up by our parents, despite their best and most loving efforts. And we all mess up our own children, though usually not in the ways we expect. But despite all the messiness, I love my mom, and I love my kids, and I know that love is shared.


5 thoughts on “Rosy Red Cheeks, Joyful Smile

  1. It really helped me to understand what Winnicott says when he coined the phrase, “good enough” mother. (Winnicott is from the school of thought on childhood development and individual theraputic model that grew out of Freud, in all the best of ways)…

    The good enough mother will meet as many of the needs and hopes of her child as best she can. And where she “fails” to meet those needs the child learns for his or her self to take care of itself. This begins when the mother is unable to get to the crying infant fast enough and it learns to suck its own thumb (or in some other way self-soothe).

    So, a good enough mother provides the opportunities for hehr children to grow by learning to do for themselves.

    Here’s to us, we’re good enough!


  2. Beautiful poem–and even more beautiful picture of your joyous self dancing in God’s sunlit meadow! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Oh, how sweet!

    Gets me thinking about seeing the reflection of God’s love for us in the love of others…


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