Poetry Thursday – a kitty poem!

June 26, 2007

You had only been in the world eight weeks
barely long enough to leave your momma
and I saw you in the box
cowering in the corner.
You hissed at me when I reached for you
but then you snuggled into me
deep into the warm softness of my breast
and purred as I stroked your fur.

They wanted a black cat
and you were close –
with your little white socks
and your tuxedo shirt
so they said you could stay.

That first night,
after you ate and drank
and we showed you your box,
I gently placed you on the big bed
between the pillows
so you could hear us and feel us with you
your first night in this big strange place.
And in the middle of the night
I reached for you to be sure you were okay
and my fingers landed in poop.
Somehow you survived this.

Six years later
you’re not a wee cute thing any more
but a big lazy fat cat
and it freaked you out completely
when I took you out of your home
that once had been such a big strange place.
I gave you food and water
and showed you your box
and you cowered under my bed
until finally that night
after moving and unpacking
I shut off the light and whispered
Good night, kitty.
You crept out from under the bed
and nuzzled my dangling hand,
so I reached down to lift you onto the bed
and I placed you next to my lone pillow
so you could hear me and feel me with you
your first night in this new strange place.
And in the middle of the night
I reached for you to be sure you were okay
and my fingers found your soft fur
and stroked it
and you purred for me
just like that very first day
when I saw you in the box
and chose you
as you chose me.


16 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday – a kitty poem!

  1. I LOVED this! You really told a story in this poem that gave me an emotional ride. I’m an animal lover and this poem spoke to me.


  2. Oh Hedwyg, how beautiful, and how very reminiscent of my little cat, both when I stayed with my mother for a few days to figure out whether I was leaving Lewis, and then again when I moved out to Colorado…


  3. That was endearing Hedwyg. My wife Kathy and I had to ‘put down’ our black cat, Taja, who’d been with us for almost the entirety of our 20 year marriage.

    It was very traumatic, to the degree, that Kathy has not been up to finding a new cat just yet — and it’s been 2 years since Taja left us.


  4. Hedwyg,
    That is a delightful tale of freindship and love. And oh how those kitties can love. We have 2. We have our rituals for everynight and they, the rituals and the cats, bring great comfort to all.


  5. Aren’t cats great? This poem really shows the bond you have with your cat. And isn’t it true that they choose us? I didn’t even know I liked cats until mine showed up and insisted that she was living with me!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. I adore cats. This poem is a great balance of usness and themness…I was completely startled by the finger in poop part (how could I be?) and smiled at your next phrase.

    (I am in the crazy-cat-lady category with four…and a corgi who herds them–as if–or trys to.)


  7. Hedwyg..Love it! Love kitties, love the whole thing. It’s good to have an old friend along, to see how nervous they are about the change, and to see them come around, be a comfort, and remind you that everything WILL be ok.

    Different, but ok.


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