Poetry Thursday – Need

I have something a little introspective for you this Poetry Thursday. I worked from home yesterday, after working late the night before and being really tired as a result. I left my home a couple times, but mostly stayed here. Other than work, I did a few things around the place, but not the ones I’ve been putting off for days. (I hate filing! I love to create filing systems, but I hate filing once the system is set up. Weird of me, I know.) And though I was tired when I wrote this, I was not yet sleepy, so I was trying to slow down and settle in for the night when this bit of introspective fancy hit me.

I need song!

Where is graceful melody
making my voice soar
my shoulders sway
transporting me to heaven?

I need music!

Where is beautiful sound
to fill my ears, my mind,
to make my fingers dance
to take me to another land?

I need verse!

Where are beautiful phrases
making my heart leap
my thoughts race
sending me to new directions?

I need story!

Where is the narrative
revealing your history
spelling out my own
showing us we’re the same?

I need gospel!

Where is the good news
telling us we are special
letting us know we are loved
gathering each of us in?

I need love!

Where is my family
teasing me tenderly
supporting my weakness
standing firmly with me?

I need you!

Where are you now
reading this poem
nodding head silently
knowing these feelings?

What do you need?

I am here with you
singing my songs, speaking my words
telling our stories, sharing some hope
offering friendship and love.

7 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday – Need

  1. So very beautiful!!! I LOVE it. And the way you arranged the stanzas is brilliant — plus how you tied it together at the end was really, really lovely.


  2. Oh, haven’t we been there? So descriptive and evocative of those times when need is pushy. Very nice!


  3. its strange the things that can hit you when you’re really tired and yet can’t sleep or relax entirely because your mind is abuzz. Great poem. I think everyone can relate to it in some way


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