typing one-handed

Hey! get your mind out of the gutter, you! my (dominant) right arm is in a sling after surgery, which went better than expected, though i can take it (and the dressing) off tomorrow to shower. i’ve been wearing ice packs full-time and taking double-strength percoset. best of all is having permission to not wear a bra for weeks. 🙂

as always, thank you for your prayers and support. they are sustaining, and i feel warmed and loved.


5 thoughts on “typing one-handed

  1. Hang on to the sling, Heather. It may come in handy (and helps cover up the bralessness if you have to go out and are self-conscious! 🙂

    Glad the surgery went well. Here’s to a calm, quiet, unstressed, uncomplicated, quick and total recovery.



  2. Continuing with the prayers! And glad you’re feeling up to posting, which at least gives you _something_ to do.


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