Poetry Thursday

Being in kind of a goofy mood this morning, I thought I would relate a story through a series of haiku. Hope you enjoy some fun, silly play today – we all need a bit of that.

Stolen Dignity

snuggled with my mom
purring while she pets my fur
hey – ouch! – that spot pulls!

clouds of shed fur rise
mom shakes them from her hand, but
they just stay and cling

she tuts and clucks at
shed fur and flakes of dead skin
and that sticky spot

“cat, you need a bath!”
sounds like “blah blah blah blah blah”
to Empress’s ears

she picks me up and
holds me tightly to her chest
takes me to the bath

she gathers towels,
reaches for the shampoo , and
turns on the water

ack! it is too cold!
my paws – they are getting wet!
i do not like this!

she holds me under
the stream of warm water and
wets me completely

bedraggled kitteh –
the Empress of Ev’rything’s
stolen dignity

she rubs in shampoo
slippery, i try to run
i’m held too firmly

i fight and try to
climb out, up her chest, and then
try to climb her face

then she shows some nerve –
my mom, she laughs at me! at
my undignified

demeanor. she will
pay most grievously for this
assault on my pride

when she is all done
she wraps me up in towels
as if her snuggles

could make up to me
the injustice that has been
perpetrated here

you foolish human –
you’ve not heard the end of this
your shoes are right here

and i can sense that
i am going to have an
attack of furballs!


12 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday

  1. this is so much fun! i can see your cat and i can see her claws coming out – wonder what she’ll do later šŸ™‚


  2. This had me laughing so hard! What a fun read. I loved it all, especially the line “sounds like ‘blah blah blah blah blah'” — I think this is what my dog chooses to hear most of the time too! And when the cat tries “to climb her face” I was falling off the chair. What a purrfect poem!


  3. What a wonderful sequence! Bathing a cat is like dressing a hurricane…but I once had to help my friend give his cat an enema.

    I still have the scars.


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