Yay! It’s Poetry Thursday!

Good morning, friends!

I must apologize for not posting anything in so long. I’ve been very busy with a houseguest over the last week – we went to so many places and saw and did so many things. I’ll blog more about those later, perhaps with pictures. ‘Cause nothing is more fun than looking at someone else’s vacation photos, right?

One of the things we did was to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel at sunrise. We stopped at the Sea Gull Island to watch the sun come up over the bay, and then we continued to the Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge, where we walked the half-mile butterfly trail. It was absolutely beautiful in the early morning, and we didn’t see another human the entire time. And that walk planted the seed for this little poesy (which didn’t turn out a bit like I’d expected it to).

Happy Thursday!

Too PreciousButterflies should never die
they are too precious
too beautiful
dancing and darting
around and over and under and through
soaring and diving
alighting so softly
the petals do not even quiver.

Little kids should never die
they are too precious
too innocent
playing and laughing
inside and outside and together and alone
singing and dancing
and finally sleeping
on their soft pillows like little angels.

Love should never die
it is too precious
too important
healing and comforting
our hearts and minds and souls and bodies
filling and giving
convincing us
that we have a purpose, if only to love one soul.

Dreams should never die
they are too precious
too significant
wanting and wishing
for the present or future we want to live
exhilarating, inspiring
giving us vision
to be who we choose to be.


6 thoughts on “Yay! It’s Poetry Thursday!

  1. Just now following up on Poetry Thursday people who visited me, and am so glad to find your blog. This piece really touched me, and the shift after the first stanza took me by surprise into a deeper place. Thanks for sharing this.


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