The Last Poetry Thursday (Sob!)

This is the last week for Poetry Thursday, and I am looking forward to the big announcement to come. This week, I used the (completely and totally optional) writing prompt: an open window.

An Open Window
Your eyes are an open window –
clear blue,
like a lake nestled between two mountains –
and when I look into them
I see myself, but not as I usually do.
The me in your eyes
is more alive
more beautiful
more desirable
than I ever dreamed I could be.

Your hands are an open window –
nimble and free,
elegantly dancing through your work –
and when they touch me
I feel myself, but not as I usually do.
The me in your hands
is more alive
more sensitive
more sensual
than I ever imagined possible.

Your mouth is an open window –
kind and sweet,
wanting to give only tenderness, never pain –
and when it speaks to me
I hear myself, but not as I usually do.
The me on your lips
is more alive
more lovable
more loving
than I ever realised.

Your arms are an open window –
long and strong,
embracing everything you love –
and when they envelop me
I am myself, but not as I usually am.
The me in your arms
is more alive
more connected to the world
more completely myself
than ever I am when I am alone.


10 thoughts on “The Last Poetry Thursday (Sob!)

  1. You have such a great way of using repetition to go back, spiral around, going deeper with each turn. I like this a lot.


  2. Thank you all very much, especially for your remarks on the repetition. Poetry is so often a spiritual exercise and discipline for me – as well as joy and play, which are important spiritual disciplines, too – and I find that my poetry tends to reflect my spiritual life with those spirals of repetition that move me inward to where I find my true self… or my Creator.

    Sometimes the repetition is in the words, as in this piece, and sometimes it’s in the structure, as in last week’s. These can be more subtle, but just as powerful, I think.

    Thank you all for visiting – I wish you the best!


  3. Hedwyg, this is lovely. I am feeling so embarrassed that I haven’t added a word to taleswappers. I’m sort of embarrassed to even show up at your blog these days. I still have hope that one day I’ll write something.


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