Not quite as Super as last Tuesday

This morning I stopped at the poll to vote in the primary here in Virginia.  I gave the volunteers my name, showed my ID, and asked for a ballot for the Democratic primary.  I got my smartcard for the Diebold voting machine (sigh), and plugged it in.  The screen gave me the following options:

  • Barack Obama
  • Dennis J. Kucinich
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Richardson
  • Joe Biden
  • John Edwards.

I touched the box next to Obama’s name.  The checkmark appeared… in the box next to Bill Richardson’s name.  I touched the Previous button, and then Next, to see if it would clear this error, and it didn’t.  So I touched the (wrong wrong WRONG) checkmark, and it disappeared.  This time, when I touched the box on the screen for Obama, the checkmark appeared by his name.  When I touched the Next button, the screen asked me to confirm my vote for Obama, and I touched Cast Ballot.  But I was quite disturbed by this.  How easy it would have been for my vote to have gone to someone I did not intend to vote for!

When my radio woke me this morning, both the weather forecast and the traffic update mentioned the wildfires in North Carolina.  The agent who is representing me in buying my house lives in one of the affected towns, and I hope that he and his family are okay.  Because our winds have shifted to come from the south today, the smoke is blowing up into southeastern Virginia now, and people with asthma or allergies or other breathing difficulties are being urged to stay indoors.  Meanwhile, with the tree pollens going crazy, I am profoundly thankful that we can now get zyrtec over-the-counter.

Yesterday morning saw three prayer request emails come from my church, so I know our clergy had a rough morning.  Prayers are indeed going out for them, as well as for a loved one who is on the fourth (fifth?) straight day with a migraine and feeling very poopitudinous.  So that is all – just a quick update this morning.