Writers Island: Changed

A life touched by God is never unchanged.
There is no life untouched by God,
even when you are merely a vessel,
a conduit for divine grace,
you do not remain untouched,
The river of grace
does not leave you as you were before,
though it may take weeks,
to see what the Divine has worked in you.

A kiss on the forehead of your child
as she sleeps peacefully,
and a whispered blessing –
God bless you, my child
and you are different, you are filled.
You are changed.

Holding the chalice to the trembling lips
of an elderly man who has frightened you since childhood,
watching his lips purse
and the hair growing out of that mole as it shivers –
The blood of Christ, the cup of salvation
and suddenly through the fear, you love him.
The warmth of God’s love fills your toes,
your legs, your belly, your head.
You are changed.

Standing before the altar
holding the hands of your bride
as the priest wraps his stole around them –
What God has joined together, let no one put asunder
and seeing her grow and mature,
become different from who you married
but even more the woman you love,
you are more than you ever have been before.
You cannot imagine life without her care and love.
You are changed.

Sitting beside your mother’s bed
now silent, now humming something vaguely hymnish,
hearing her breathing
and wondering how much longer you will be able to,
knowing what is coming –
Into your hands, Lord, I commend her spirit
you see the divine light shine through her skin
and you know she is close to her new life,
and a tear rolls unnoticed down your cheek.
You reach for her hand
feel her buttery-papery skin,
and your heart pounds into your throat,
cutting off your air, making you want to choke.
But you sit still and silent next to her,
tears rolling, throat struggling
to swallow your heart back down where it belongs.
You squeeze your eyes shut tight from the effort,
and when you open them,
the room is blinding white,
brilliantly bright,
and you know.
God is here.
You will never be the same again.
You are changed.

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