TOP: Romance

For this week’s Totally Optional Prompt:

Romance is…
… finally arriving at the end of a long, wearying flight,
and seeing him waiting for you there in the airport,
his smile and his wide-spread arms welcoming you home.
… hearing her sniffle and cough, and pulling her into your arms for snuggles.
… touching him with your ice cold feet, feeling him gasp, pulling them back,
and then feeling him wrap his warm feet around yours.
… seeing her collapse on the couch after a long day of work and saying,
“Let’s eat out tonight, dear.”
… always greeting him at the door with a hug and a kiss,
even when he’s only been gone to the store for ten minutes.

Romance is…
… saying I love you every day
… tucking each other in every night
… making time for hugs and kisses,
even when the pipes are leaking,
the air conditioner is broken,
and the car won’t run.

Romance is…
… remembering to look up at night to see the stars,
and knowing that when you are apart,
those same stars twinkle over both your heads.
… playing like children.
… holding hands while you sit together in church.
… picking up his favorite food from the grocery store,
even though you can’t stand it.
… kissing her as soon as she wakes up,
and not saying a word about her dragon breath.

Romance is…
… remembering that he is not you
… remembering why you fell in love with her
… knowing that even though you may have married
the single most annoying person in the world,
you’re probably the second most annoying person in the world,
and they chose you anyway
… telling your stories, again and again
… building a circle of love and trust
that welcomes, invites, unites
and never divides or excludes.


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