Second Chances – a reflection

In the comments to my previous post, I was asked where this second chance came from.  And the answer is – like so many of them – simple, but not easy.   The truth is already in the poem, but in only one line

I have seized my second chance

See, I made my second chance for myself.  I made a very difficult decision, claimed control of my own life, and seized my own second chance.  And I’ve done this more than once before, too.  Last year, the second chance I seized had to do with leaving a marriage that had been dead and damaging for some time.  Now I am indeed green and vibrant rather than lifeless and brown.  My life is blossoming in many directions, and it’s wonderful.  But I know that this all came about because I chose to make it so.  It was not easy, and there were times I came close to chickening out.  Change is scary.  It was frightening to move out on my own.  It was painful to live in that house, but comfortable – in the sense that an ache one has had for years becomes part of us, becomes comfortable, and we don’t know quite what to do with ourselves once it’s gone.

And I have to say – I don’t believe that God or the earth or the universe gives us second changes.  I think we have to make our own second chances, by the decisions we make and how we view them.  Every moment brings a decision, and every decision has the potential to be a new chance, a new opportunity, a new place for growth.  But first we must see these opportunities for what they are; we must see the potentials and the chances, so that if we choose to, we can reach out and take hold of them, and we can nurture them into being.

In the creation story, God formed Adam out of dust, and then breathed life into him.  I believe that we are co-creators with God.  We have the ability, the opportunity – the responsibility – to look around at the dust and the detritus and yes, even the crap, in our lives.  Then we can gather it together and form it into something that has potential, and through our creativity, our own unique choices, we can breathe life and beauty into it.

That is where second chances come from.  They are not given to us.  We must find them for ourselves, and we must bring them to be.  We must want them, we must choose them, even though it may be scary or overwhelming.  We must shape them and hold them and breathe life into them.

It’s simple, as so much of life is.  But I will never ever tell you that it is easy.  This is hard work – but worth it.