TOP: Sending a Message

This week’s Totally Optional Prompt is “Send a Message.”  So here’s mine…

My Message to You

I will not be bullied.
You can yell and scream
throw yourself on the floor
claim to the world that you’re a victim
but you and I both know the truth.

I will not be tormented.
I refuse to believe those words
the harsh lies you told
the names you called me
that you and I know to be untrue.

I will not be controlled.
I make my own choices
happy to respect yours
as you respect mine
so you and I both know where we stand.

I choose to be valued.
I choose to be cared for.
I choose to be wanted
to be needed
to be treasured.
I choose to be loved
by others, and more importantly
by myself.

I reject your life of darkness and fear
I embrace a path of clarity and light.

This is my message to you
so hear me now:
I am the beloved
I am the child of God
I am the gift and the treasure.
Once upon a time, you were, too
but you were afraid of losing these things
these things that can never be taken from you
unless you deny them to yourself.

You are loved
and you are treasured
but now, you have been left.


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