So… it’s Tuesday now, but it feels like Monday to me.  I am back in the office today after taking Friday and Monday off to move.  What with all the busy-ness, it actually feels relaxing to be in the office today!  Of course, the office was moved on Friday as well, so when I got in this morning, I came in to packed boxes on my desk and none of my usual accoutrements.  How am I supposed to work without my Stitch mouse-ears hat and my angel bunny and my icons of Archangel Michael?  However, this is my first day at my fully implemented Munchkin Desk.  I was assigned a cubicle, which allowed them to put the work surface at the lowest possible level for me, so that I can sit in my Munchkin Chair and have ankles, knees, hips, and elbows all at 90-degree angles.  I have my laptop in a special holder to elevate the screen, and am using an ergonomic keyboard with it.  Today marks the first time in my working career that I am working at a desk that feels like it was made for me and not for the giants of Brobdingnag.

Moving Day – Friday – was chaotic and amazing.  I had the movers scheduled, and the cable company (who also provides my phone and internet), and the locksmith to rekey all my locks.  Then the security company called about my installation that had been scheduled for Monday, told me they had an opening on Friday, and asked if I’d like them to come.  Sure!  I said, glad of the opportunity to get one more thing off my plate.  Then I got a phone call from the local delivery company for Ikea, who had four bookcases, an entertainment stand, and a CD shelf to deliver, and wanted to know if I was home to accept delivery.  Sure! I said, marveling at how all of this was coming together.  It was really something to behold – the cable company getting me hooked up, the locksmith working, the security installer in the closet configuring the system, the movers bringing my furniture into the house, and the delivery crew dropping off my boxes.  I was gobsmacked to see it all happening together.
In the midst of all the busy-ness, my fiancé and I had a bit of an oasis on Sunday.  We went to the early church service, and then I had an appointment to take communion to a lady in an assisted-living home.  He and I went together, straight from church, and had a wonderfully blessed visit with her.  He read the very long gospel, and I summarized the sermon, and then for the very first time, I gave him communion.  I did not realize what a powerful moment this would be until I turned to him with the paten, and he did not realize what a powerful moment it would be until the bread touched his outstretched palms.  After we took the kit back to the sacristy and cleaned up (and the best part: signed the parish register!), we went to IHOP for breakfast.  We relaxed at home for a little while before heading up to the Sandler Center to hear James Galway with the Virginia Symphony.  It was a lovely concert, though I will admit to a definite preference for music with an actual melody.

After the concert, we walked over to Ruth’s Chris for a wonderfully romantic dinner.  We got there about 20 minutes before they started seating, so we were invited to sit in the lounge, where we each had a glass of wine and felt very grown up.  (Is it strange to be surprised by feeling grown up at age 36?  ‘Cause every time it happens, I feel surprised by it.)  Dinner was extraordinary, and we got some cheesecake to go from the Cheesecake Factory before we headed back to the car and went home.  At home, we relaxed and watched some television before turning in fairly early, marveling at what an amazing day it had been.

On Monday, the cleaning crew came to the apartment.  I still had a desk there that couldn’t be moved again, so we needed to dismantle it.  And I needed to get everything out of the refrigerator and to spackle the holes in my walls.  So we went back into my old bedroom to take apart the desk.  It wasn’t completely straightforward, but we approached it like a puzzle – of course, it helped that we weren’t trying to keep the desk, so it could be destroyed if need be 🙂 – and really worked well together as a team.  That was really nice to see, and bodes well for our future together, I think.

I still have three big bookcases to put together for the family room and for my son’s room, and have lots of organizing to do.  But the house has mostly taken shape, and I’m really proud of how it’s looking.   I need to replace blinds on most of the windows, and will be getting some new curtains and doing a little painting here and there.  I need to put together my lawn mower and my new gas grill.  But I have a house.  I’m a homeowner again.  I don’t have noisy neighbors upstairs, and I don’t have to worry about rules like “no piano before 8am” and shushing the bird right away when she wants attention.  So life is good.


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