Good Shepherd Sunday… again

So I just wrote a lectionary post on our readings for Good Shepherd Sunday, and then in bloghopping, I found a link to an Easter e-card on My Manner of Life.  I actually downloaded the video file for the card, so you can watch it here, if American Greetings takes the card down.

Now, I’m not someone who cries at books or movies or songs.  I can be brought to tears by a baptism, occasionally by a wedding (but usually not, ’cause I’m on the job as a musician), but mostly what makes me cry is helpless frustration that is ready to give way to rage.

This card made me weep.  When the shepherd opened his arms to the little lamb, and the lamb bleated and jumped into them, I cried like a little girl.  This is just one of those weeks when I positively, physically ache for the arms of the Shepherd to pick me up and cradle me and tell me that I am loved and cherished and treasured (love to the loveless, shown that they might lovely be).  I hope you are touched by this video, as I was, but I won’t wish tears and weeping for you… unless that’s what you need, too.

Peace and blessings, my friends.