A stiff-necked people

Good morning!  I now have a very stiff neck, after my first prolotherapy session yesterday.  The doctor injected each of my six cervical joints, on the left and on the right and in the center – yes, that’s eighteen injections into the back of my neck.  I did much better this time than I did with the cervical facet injections last December.  My blood pressure was a little higher than usual, but not through the roof, and I was able to relax for the procedure.  They used a numbing cream on the skin this time, and that did help.  It also helped that I was feeling a bit drowsy… of course, it’s not like I’m going to fall asleep while needles are being stuck in me!  As she went, I could feel the muscles tightening.  And honestly, I think the worst part was the squishy sound the liquid made as it was being squeezed out.

Mom drove me home afterwards, and she and Dad bought a pizza and had supper with me.  I was really grateful for this.  Even though I couldn’t imagine actually consuming food at the time, I ate three slices, so I guess my body needed it.  I was very grateful that they left promptly afterward, since it was already after 8pm, and the meds were taking effect.

My next session is scheduled for Monday, July 14, the day after the ten-hour drive home from Florida.  I will probably plan on taking one more vacation day that day and working from home the day after to recover.  I think the first day after any injury or procedure is usually the worst.  The adrenaline has worn off, as well as any anesthesia or initial pain blocks, and the body is quite loud in its complaint about what has just been done to it.

We had an awesome thunderstorm right at midnight last night.  It blew in very quickly, with blustery winds and hail.  I woke to the sound of the hailstones hitting my roof, and then got up to watch the storm from the big picture window in the music studio.  It was incredible to watch, and I saw a few hailstones about the size of quarters, though most were smaller.  I returned to bed once it settled into just rain, and drifted back to sleep in the sound of the rain.  My kitty Majesty does not like thunderstorms, and she tends to cower behind my bedroom door at the sound of thunder.  She won’t let me snuggle with her or pet her or try to comfort her, and I’ve learned to let her be, though I do try to talk to her soothingly.  Midnight doesn’t really care about thunderstorms; she’s like, whateva! The dogs at my ex’s house were terrified of thunderstorms.  If a storm blew in overnight, I would get them out of their crates and bring them into my bedroom.  Her Grace, the Lady Raven Mudpaw von Wigglesbutt, would lie down next to my bed, and I would dangle my arm over the side so my hand would just touch her.  And then she would settle in to sleep, as long as there was some contact with me.  Suzy the Beagle Huntress would be comforted just to be in the room with me, so she would settle back down to sleep also.  I do miss those critters sometimes.  (I don’t miss the corn snake, though.  Just sayin.)

So I have a quiet work-from-home day today.  The kids are here for a couple hours this morning, so my daughter can continue the quest to find her missing cell phone charger.  My son has a summer cold, so he just came in, gave me a hug and kiss, and went to bed.  Poor guy!  I may be going back to bed in another hour or two, because I already feel the sleepies from my pain meds this morning.  But that’s why I’m working from home!  I’m really thankful that I have that option, that I work for an employer who is flexible enough to see the value of this.  Until I had my surgery last summer, I taken exactly two days off as sick time.  Most of the time, if I was sick, I would simply work from home.  Then I could nap if I needed to, take the meds and eat and drink the things that were most comforting, and get my time in without infecting everyone else in the office.  When I had pneumonia in January, this made such a huge difference!  I didn’t have the energy to move much, but I could sit with my laptop and work and still meet my deadlines.  This has been a real blessing.

This morning, it’s cool enough outside that I can open some windows, so I am now on my couch, working on my laptop and listening to the birds in the trees outside while I feel the gentle breezes.  It is a good morning.  It will be a good day.  Thanks be to God!