An observation

So I hit the drive-thru at Burger King for lunch today, and I saw an ad for their Indy Double Whopper.  One of the special features of this sandwich is, and I quote, blackened Cajun mayo.  So I wondered, did they blacken the mayonnaise?  If so, how would one go about blackening mayonnaise, and still be able to put it on a sandwich?  Or worse, did they blacken actual Cajuns, and put bits of them in the mayonnaise?  From the picture, it looks like this may have been the case, because the burger in the picture had white sauce on it.  But, um, eeeewwwww!!!!!

So anyway: FAIL on the dangling modifiers there, BK.  And I’ll pass on the sandwich, thankyouverymuch.

That is all.  🙂