Expressing Gratitude

I stumbled on a blog this morning that I hadn’t read before – Marketing for Good (not Evil), which is now in my blogroll.  I found there a short post on Hire a Hero‘s effort to send one million thank-you emails to soldiers/sailors/airmen who are serving or have served.  The collection of thank-yous started on July 4th and will last until Veteran’s Day, but as of last week, they had only gotten 936 emails.

Please stop by Marketing for Good (not Evil) or directly to Hire a Hero to send an email to a servicemember to let them know that their work is appreciated.  Even if you disagree with our reasons for being in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, remember that for the most part, the servicemembers serving overseas are there on orders, and may feel exactly as you do.  Feel free to pass this message along, because our military folks deserve to know that we are thinking about them, praying for them, and wishing the very best for them.

Update: There is now a group on Facebook for those who have or plan to send a thank-you.  It’s called “One Thank-You of a Million” and I hope that if you’re on Facebook, you’ll consider joining!


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