Pain hovers over me like a cloud
a grey cloud,  black thunderhead
lurking ominously
darkening my thoughts
will it strike?  will it storm?
will it attack me with agony?
whence does it come?
can I outrun it?
or am I helpless
in its thrall?

Pain strikes like a lightning bolt
searing, white hot
flashing through body and mind
branching out from my spine
across my shoulders, through my arms
around my hips, down my legs
turning hands into claws
digging toes into the ground beneath me.

Pain rolls like a thunderclap
startling, angry, loud
stopping my ears with its sound
tensing muscles from gastrocnemius
all the way up to supraspinatus
I want to curl up in a ball
suck my thumb while momma tucks me in
but pain grips me in its talons
piercing, poking, stabbing, slicing
and I find I’m unable to move.

Pain washes over like a sheet of rain
each fat drop pelting, pounding
seeking out spots that do not yet throb
soaking my clothes, my skin, my brain
dampening my thoughts
clouding my feelings
turning the world around me
into a thick grey fog.

The storm rolls along
leaving me on the ground
curled on my side
alone, gasping for breath
dripping, exhausted, trembling.
The storm rolls past
striking others with lightning
rumbling their bones with thunder
soaking everyone in its path
but the pain lingers
stubbornly set in my body
twitching, throbbing, tearing
spasming, striking, stabbing
surrounding me in grey cloud fog
isolated, helpless


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