May I introduce…

… Her Grace, the Rt. Rev. Esther Gabriel Kittenpants, the Archbishop of Catterbury.

+++Kittenpants is about two months old, and was found as a stray.  She is now blogging, along with Her Majesty, the Queen of Drama; Lady Midnight, Empress of Everything; and Tricia McMillan (who is a conure rather than a kitty, so doesn’t garner nearly as impressive a moniker) over at Archbishop of Catterbury.  Given the quarreling factions – just like those in Canterbury right now!!! – she seemed ripe for the job of bringing unity to a fractured home.

The story of how Bishop Esther came to be with us is over at her blog, and you’ll see there that Esther fits because Queen Esther saved her people’s lives, and Gabriel fits because she emphatically announced her presence (and also announces to any nearby when she is displeased with her situation).  Kittenpants is, well, just right for her.  🙂

I promise many more pictures to follow, and I know that Majesty and Midnight plan to weigh in over on their blog as well.



2 thoughts on “May I introduce…

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the comments you left on my blog today. Great great advice that I will take to heart. I’m part of an Emmaus “reunion group” (which is a small Spiritual Life accountability group), and I forwarded your comment onto one of the members of that group. I know it spoke to her as well. I’m paying special attention right now, looking for the hand of God in my life, and today He arrived via a blog comment. Thank you.


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