Learned Something Last Night

So I learned something new last night.  Well, I guess I’d already learned it, but it was last night when I figured it out.  The thing is, I have a prescription for Darvocet to help manage my pain, as I’d had problems with Percocet and Ultram before.  I hadn’t felt like I’d gotten much good effect from the Darvocet before, and I was frustrated by it.  The lesson I learned was that I can get relief from the Darvocet… if I take it and then REST.  If I take it and then try to keep going with my regular activities, then I don’t get any relief.

It may seem like a small realization, but it’s actually huge for me.  Now I don’t have to say “the darvocet doesn’t do anything for me,” because I know it can, under special circumstances.  The problem is, what can I do about breakthrough pain, so that I can keep up with some activities, even limited ones?  And I’ll bring that up at my next appointment with my pain specialist.

So anyway, that’s a big of good news for me this morning, and I’m thankful for it.