Broken Hands

Come to me, daughter
come dance with me, child.
and take this gift
all wrapped up in gold
take this bright present
and make it your own.

Lord, I will dance
and I yearn to take your gift
but here – see my hands?
they are broken, dear Abba
they cannot hold onto
you precious gift.

Come to me, sister
come walk with me
along the river, where
we will talk, and I will
give you wisdom
beyond your understanding.

Jesus, I’ll come, and
I’ll walk with you
on the path by the river
but here – see my mind?
it is broken, my brother
and your precious wisdom
will not stay with me.

Come to me, lover
my beloved, come fly
your heart will take wings
as we soar o’er the world
and I’ll pour out my gifts
of love, hope, and peace
so you’ll always remember
to fly and to soar.

Spirit, I’ll come
o Beloved, I’ll fly
taking wing at your side
but here – see my heart?
it is broken, Divine One
and all of your love
will leak out and be lost.

Come to me, daughter
o my child, come here
do you doubt I can mend you
and make you be whole?
your hands, I can fix them
your mind, I can heal
but my daughter, believe me
your heart is not broken
I made it that way, to be
leaky on purpose
so that when I pour out
my love into you,
you then pour it out
upon all those around you
so everyone can feel my gifts.
And do not be nervous
no, please do not fear
that the love I give to you
can ever run out,
for I promise whenever
you pour out my love,
your heart will be filled
even more than before.

These gifts are for everyone
but I invite you to the dance,
to the walk, to the flight
because not everybody
can hear my voice calling
so many people don’t know
they’re invited to the flight,
to the walk, to the dance.

So dance now, my daughter,
my sister, beloved –
dance with your thoughts
and your eyes and your words
dance with your love
that comes poured out from me
dance for my children
and show them your love
and your light and your spirit
and yes – show your brokenness
dance so they see you are
holy, and


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