Gorgeous blue sky

Today doesn’t feel quite so bad.  I’ve had this walking boot for a full day now, and I find it mostly distasteful.  I haven’t gotten yet to “thoroughly dislike” or “absolutely hate,” so I guess that’s okay.  But it does serve as yet one more way that the boundaries of my life are closing in on me, as a result of chronic pain.  I’d been very excited about taking part in a meeting of the local Disability Board this afternoon… but I can’t safely drive to it.  Of course, the most critical need that the Board identifies for disabled people in southeastern Virginia?  TRANSPORTATION.  Go figure.

Midnight, the Empress of Everything, went back last weekend to live with my ex.  I miss her, but I know that this is the right thing for her and for him.  He needed her more than I do, and I’m really not grieving.  Majesty still grumbles and growls and grouches around the house, until she’s let outside.  After 24 hours inside yesterday, she demanded to go outside last night, and refused to come in from the nor’easter, even when it started being a hairy-scary thunderstorm.  (Maj usually hides behind my bedroom door when it’s thunderstorming out.)  She was wet – and, of course, grumbly and grouchy – this morning when she came in for breakfast, but much more satisfied with her lot in life.  Esther is worn out this morning from playing all night with our two foster kitties, Tommy (usually TomTom) and Talitha Dina.  If you know me at all, you can probably tell which was named by my daughter and which by me.  TomTom and Tali still hide when a human walks into the room, but they’re having a great time exploring the house and playing with Esther.  I’m looking forward to the day when they actually allow me to pet them, without me having to catch them and force cuddling on them.

My conure Trillian and my daughter’s budgie George have been fun today.  They love to be on the window perch and the birdeh playground pedestal in my office while I work.  After I put them away to try for a nap – sleeping with the boot on is, well, mostly distasteful – George kept trying to open the little doors for access to his food cups so that he could have more office time.

Outside the office window, the sky is deep, perfect, azure blue, and the leaves on the trees are still beautifully green.  The sun is reflecting from the trees and the bleached-white clouds, and it looks to be a perfectly gorgeous day.  I wish I could head down to Back Bay or First Landing State Park for a walk in all this beauty, and I’d equally love to spend time at the Virginia Living Museum or the Jamestown Historical Park.  But driving is a no-no, so I’ll spend all of this perfect weekend closed up in my house.  Clearly, I need to make some friends in meatlife.

All this may sound a bit like a wallow in self-pity, but I promise it’s not.  I really do feel much better than I did yesterday.  I’m enjoying the new folks I’m following on FriendFeed, and when I’ve had enough of the computer, I have games and books kittehs and birdies and things to study.  I have hours and hours and hours of tv shows on my DVR.  It really is okay.  God is good.  Always.  Even when I think God’s a weenie, God is still good.

Peace be with you today – and have an awesome weekend!