Not sure how to feel

I had a follow-up appointment at the pain management clinic this morning.  My Vitamin D level is incredibly low (measured at 7.5 when the normal range is 30-50 – and do you know how much it pains me to state this without units?!?), so I’ll be taking massive Vitamin D supplements, on top of everything else.

Meanwhile, I have a consultation with a neurologist in three weeks for a full headache work-up, specifically to look at the possibility of a Chiari Malformation. And I just got the call from the genetics clinic at VCU-MCV, for my consultation there to be evaluated for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

I see my physical therapist in just over an hour, for his evaluation of my ankle(s) and new exercises to add to my neck/shoulder/upper back regimen.  I just know that by January, I’m going to be spending 90 minutes per session at physical therapy again.

This was what I wanted, so why do I feel anxious and afraid?  I have a feeling my sleeping isn’t going to get any better for the next few weeks.  I’m going to light a candle and hold onto my rosary for a while, letting the beads slip in and out and between my fingers as the words and feelings tumble through my mind.


3 thoughts on “Not sure how to feel

  1. {{{{{{{{ warriormare }}}}}}}}

    I will resist the temptation to quote Julian. Just know that I am here. I love you and will hold you in much love and prayer, no matter where the path ahead winds.


  2. Hi ~ I found your blog through a google alert i get everytime someone posts about chiari. Know that if you do find that you have chiari, there are lots of us out there on the web who share in your journey. My blog has lots of info on the sidebar if you are interested in doing more research. Hugs ~ Lace


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