Is it election day yet?

I haven’t written a whole lot since warriormare invited me to share this blog with her.  And, you know, I think I blame the election campaigns for that.

When I was younger (too young, like high school and earlier) I was very interested in politics.  About the time I started university, that changed.  Probably about the first time that a party I’d worked to support actually gained power, and then I found that they completely abandoned the parts of their platform that I liked and moved aggressively on those planks that gave me pause.  But, despite my discomfort, the interest remains.  I’m more interested in government and governing than politics, but that’s hard, because politics blurs into governing.

And so, I’m drawn to all the coverage.  But I hate a lot of what I’m seeing.  On both sides of the border.  Yes, that’s right…two elections.

Last night should have been wonderful for political junkies up here.  At the same time, two debates on the airwaves: the vice-presidential debate in the US and the English-language debate with the five major party leaders in Canada.

First sign of how I’ve changed: I was tired and went to bed long before 9:00 last night, trusting my debate watching to TiVo.  The second sign: I couldn’t do it.  I think I watched about the first fifteen minutes of each debate.  The vice-presidential debate: bored me to tears by the format, and then angry.  Especially when I heard Gov. Palin say that she may not answer the questions the way they were asked.  If a candidate won’t honestly answer questions, that indicates to me that they’re hiding something.  If a candidate won’t even make an attempt to answer questions, that shows utter contempt for the questioner.  And a candidate proud of that fact? *shakes head*

And then I tried to watch the Canadian debate.  Five people around the table.  Limited time.  An unpopular prime minister.  Four people who’d like to keep him from continuing as prime minister.  All sorts of negativity.  And the first time somebody interrupted.  I couldn’t take it.  Stop.

Both debates are still on my TiVo (the American one from both PBS and CNN), but I don’t know if I’ll ever watch them.  I’ll probably pick up on the American debate reaction from the blogs and news channels.  Since I’m not eligible to vote, that will do.  But I have a different situation when it comes to the Canadian debate.  Especially because, for the first time I can remember, a week and a half before election day I don’t yet know who I’m voting for.  I do know I won’t be voting Conservative.  I’m leaning to voting Green, but I don’t know enough about their policies yet to be sure that would be a good idea, and have heard some comments (from partisans of other parties) that would give me pause before doing that.

The sad thing?  My riding is sure to vote Conservative.  I see no possibility of our member being defeated.  But I am so opposed to what I’ve seen from them that if there’s a chance she will be, I want that to happen.  So, do I vote for the candidate I think has the best chance of defeating her?  I don’t know.

But I do know that I need the debate.  And it would be irresponsible for me to abdicate that to the media when I’m voting.  So I will either watch the debate or maybe find a transcript.  At some point.  But for today?  I can’t wait until October 14th, when the Canadian campaign ends.  Hopefully the Canadian news channels, at least will show more non-election news (and not fill all the time with coverage of the US election).

November 4th, you can’t come quickly enough.

UPDATE: I may have found my way out of this electoral funk.  The Ottawa Senators start their regular season with games in Sweden against the Pittsburgh Penguins starting tomorrow!


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