Dribs and Drabs – just a personal update

This week hasn’t been very bad, since Saturday’s unpleasantness.  My plan for this post is to make a bullet list, and not to elaborate very much on any one thing.  We’ll see if I can keep that up.  🙂

  • Sunday night I watched the pilot episode of Firefly and ate my baked ravioli.  It was relaxing and wonderful, and I was reminded once again just how much I enjoy that show.  I totally ❤ Captain Reynolds.
  • Throughout the day on Monday, I was pretty well zombified, despite a good night’s sleep on Sunday.  I was brain-dead and couldn’t concentrate on work.  I think I spent most of the day staring at my monitor, completely unable to comprehend what was in front of me.
  • Tuesday afternoon I had physical therapy.  My therapist had to hold the trigger point for my left hip for so long that he ended up leaving a bruise.  Of course, you could bruise me just by looking at me cross-eyed – all part of the Ehlers-Danlos fun!
  • On Wednesday, I met with my psychiatrist.  The last I’d seen him was one visit in the fall of 2006 – about the time all the pain was beginning – and it had been about two years before that, since we’d ended all my meds.  It was nice to talk with him, and we touched on our mutual fascination with cultural issues (sexism in diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain disorders), odd mechanisms of the brain-mind-body connection, and processes for getting drugs tested and approved.
  • My psychiatrist agreed with me that Type II Bipolar is not the correct diagnosis for me.  Hallelujah!  I definitely had major depressive episodes, associated with emotional abuse, but I just don’t fit the bipolar profile (whatever that is – but I know it’s real, because I and others can say, “Yeah, you do seem like a bipolar” or “Really?  You don’t strike me that way”).  He didn’t know what diagnosis to use for the visit, since I don’t meet the DSM-IV criteria for a diagnosis of depression or of anxiety disorder.  Hee!  I think he finally settled on dysthymia.
  • My hips and SI joints have both been acting up all week.  I’ll get pain in the groin, along the side of the hip, and in the back.  My physical therapist advised heat after he released the trigger points, and I’ve been using ice again since then.  Ice is my FRIEND!
  • It is now less than a week until I see maplestar again – WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Um, excuse me.  That was probably less than decorous.  I’ll try harder in the future.  😀
  • Wednesday evening, my parents took me out to dinner.  I had a prime rib that was supposed to be 12 ounces, but I think it was a 16 ounce cut.  It was THICK and juicy and wonderful.  I got a baked sweet potato with it, and it was terrifically yummylicious.  I adore just a plain baked sweet potato, though they did top it with butter and a dash of cinnamon.  Mom was curious and tried a taste, and agreed with me – awesome!
  • I’d bought four grapefruits last Saturday at the grocery store, peeled and sectioned them, and stored them in tall 4-cup ziploc containers with a quarter-cup of splenda in the refrigerator.  They were gone by noon Wednesday.  I’ve always loved lightly-sweetened grapefruit, and I’ve enjoyed taking about a half-grapefruit’s worth of sections with a meal, or just grabbing a couple slices straight from the fridge for a refreshing snack.  Wednesday afternoon, I bought six more!
  • I’ve had three phone calls from my parish clergy this week.  I feel very loved and cared for!
  • I am enjoying the HECK out of last.fm, which is billed as social networking for your music.  That part can be fun – I just have it feeding into my FriendFeed – but I’m really enjoying how it “learns” my musical tastes.  There is a tool called the Scrobbler, which you can run while you’re listening to music on your computer, and as you listen to things, you can add them to your library on last.fm and/or “love” them.  I did this for a week or two, and then logged into last.fm to play its recommendations for me.  It is so wonderfully random to get a classical track, an 80s hair-metal track, a love ballad from the 70s, a folk song, another couple classical pieces, …  I love it!  There is much joy in discovering and re-discovering music.  I have always been fed by music, and this tool is really really feeding that part of me!
  • I’ve tracked my temperature all week, and I seem to run about 1.5F lower than most folks.  When most people peak around 99.6-99.8 in the evening, I’m at about 98.2 or 98.4.  Overnight I dip to almost 96, and during the day I’m usually in the 97s.  The physical manifestations of Saturday’s panic attack could just as easily be symptoms of mild hypothermia.  So we have correlation, but the causation is not clear.  It’s mostly a whatevs! from me, but I do find that interesting.  I’ve been developing theories of why that would be, but don’t really have a way to test it.
  • Since I’m experiencing system-wide inflammation, and it didn’t get so terribly painful until I started undergoing prolotherapy, I’m wondering whether that intentional injecting with inflammatory agents over six weeks may have somehow been a trigger.  That would support the pain doc’s hypothesis that I have something auto-immune going on.  Of course, it’s so hard to separate out all my symptoms to figure out which point to an auto-immune disease and which belong with EDS or something else.
  • I have a discussion group to lead at church Sunday morning, and I’m not sure how I want to approach this week’s lections.  Both the OT and the Gospel lessons are rather harsh, so I may (amazingly) go with the epistle reading from Paul, which my rector called a Prozac Reading.  Of course, that’s what my lectionary reflection for the week ended up being based on, as well.  I shake my head at this, because most of the time, I find Paul inscrutable.
  • I’ve been trimming back my budget over the last couple weeks, doing things like cutting all but the local stations from my TV service, reducing my internet bandwidth to 10Mbps incoming from 20Mbps, switching local phone providers.  I still need to cut more, but I’l figure that out once I’m stabilized with the new stuff.
  • I’ve found a lawn company that I really really really like.  They do such a professional job when they mow – edging, weed-whacking, and blowing debris from the sidewalk and driveway – and they’ve also trimmed my hedges and planted a Japanese red maple that has been sitting in the garden bed in its pot since May.  And their pricing is excellent.  I’m so happy!

Okay, I guess that’s about it for now.  It should be more than enough!  🙂  Have a great weekend, my friends.


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  1. It’s funny when someone asks me for my favorite episode. I’ll say, “the one where… no maybe the one when…. or is it the one with…” until I’ve ended up listing all of them. 🙂

    I adored the one where Jayne was the hero. When they saw the statue? ROFL!


  2. I am glad the diagnosis was not BP. Some things just can’t fit into a neat description. I love Last FM too! If you want to add me as a friend my name on there is Barbara007


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