A case of the Thursdays

I just got home a little bit ago from taking maplestar to the airport and then stopping in for a follow-up visit to the orthopedist.  The ankle/Achilles tendon is no longer painful, but remains unstable.  Of course, I was diagnosed with instability in both ankle joints in 1985, so this hardly comes as a surprise.  Continuing physical therapy, discontinuing the anti-inflammatory, and totally discontinuing the walking boot, TBTG.  It is always so wonderful to be with maplestar, since we live about seven hundred miles apart.  And with each visit, each turn of the page on the calendar, we come closer to the time he’ll be able to move down here to stay.

Yesterday, I had my first visit to the neurologist.  Well, I’ve been to the neurologist a whole bunch of times before… to have my daughter seen.  This was my first time for me.  She did all the reflex tests, and had to repeat one of them several times, though she didn’t go into what this indicated.  We noticed definite tremor in my hands when extended straight out in front of me, and she spent a great deal of time examining my eyes.  She has two suspicions for the cause of the incredible back-of-the-skull headaches: either a structural issue (like the Chiari Malformation) or an intracranial pressure issue (specifically pseudotumor cerebri).  Next Friday – yes, Halloween – I’ll have an MRI of my brain and brain stem.  She ordered the MRI both with and without contrast agents, so I’m guessing it will take a while.  If the MRI shows that everything structural looks normal, then she’s going to order a lumbar puncture to measure the intracranial pressure.  Even though the “benign” intracranial hypertension can be treated with medications and a structural issue would likely require surgery, I find myself far more anxious about the possible LP than about the possible surgery.  That sounds totally whacked, I know, but I’ve had quite enough of needles in my back for this year, thankyouverymuch!

So today is a back-to-normal kind of day.  I need to settle back into my normal daily rhythms, the normal weekly rhythms, of life on my own as a half-time single mom and half-time just plain single woman.  I’m back to scrounging up my own meals, tending to the household on my own (and it is an unmitigated disaster at the moment!), and tending to myself, too.  For now, I’m about to get back into the process document I’m writing for my software team, I’m listening to my “loved” tracks on last.fm, and I’m soaking in the sunlight from the south-facing window above my desk.

Peace be with you today, my friends, the peace that passes all understanding.