I’m tired of whining and complaining at you…

… but I’m going to write another whining and complaining post.  Sorry!  🙂

Sigh.  My brain MRI is still two-and-a-half days away, and I’m getting more and more jittery about it.  Then I have to wait for the results, and that has me even more jittery.  Two years ago, I had no idea where the aches and pains were going to take me.  One year ago, I’d barely returned to work in the office after my shoulder surgery, and I was tired and hurting, and I didn’t know how bad it was about to get.  Six months ago, I was in agony and misery.  Today?  My brain is fogged, my short-term memory sucks, I’m nervous about the tests, I’m wondering whether I’ll need to reschedule the breast reduction, I’m anxious about my trip to see the geneticist next month, and I’m trying to cram as much productivity as possible into my working hours as I can before I go on medical leave for my surgery.

Meanwhile, I need to talk with the doctor at the pain management clinic, because I signed a narcotics contract with them, and the plastic surgeon is going to prescribe painkillers.  So I either need them to step in and manage the painkillers, or I want a written exemption for this surgery.  I may be the only person who’s ever cared that much about the narcotics contract – which is for the doctor’s protection, not mine! – but I’m certainly not going to violate it.  And I need to coordinate between the pain doc and the anesthesiologist, to know which meds and supplements to stop two weeks before the surgery and which I can take up until the night before.  Of course, all that assumes it will still be a go for December 3.

One of the two foster kitties is fortunate to have survived last night, after completely knocking my daughter’s budgie cage off her dresser onto the floor.  The top came off, seed hulls went everywhere, and the poor bird didn’t know what had happened.  The kittie disappeared.  (Clever little booger.)  They’re both ready for their forever homes now.  I’ll miss them, but it means I’ve done my job.

I’m glad that maplestar got home safely from tonight’s choir rehearsal, since he’s getting a big nasty snowstorm tonight.  Don’t tell him, but I was a little worried, since it was the first big storm of the season up there for him.

Ah well… I should go to bed and let all this stuff rest.  God is, and God is good – always.  Peace!


One thought on “I’m tired of whining and complaining at you…

  1. Oh, love! The amount of snow we were talking about was NOTHING for here…it’s an annoyance not a worry, especially in-town. If I was walking on some rural road or something like that, there’d be cause for concern, but it was nothing for us. I mean, our weather guys probably weren’t feeling any excitement over it!


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