I really wish it were not true, but it is. Life involves a whole lot of waiting. And I don’t usually like it!

This afternoon was the final race of the 2008 Formula One auto racing season. The race started at noon and finished sometime before 2:00. At this point, I don’t know much more than that, because the race is safely on my TiVo (where it was awaiting my return from church and lunch). But right now my sister is using that TV to play her Xbox.

A little more than two years ago, I spent about three months waiting between accepting the organist position at the church I grew up in and starting there. And that was a long time, when it also meant waiting to leave the congregation I was working with at the time, too.

And, of course, the biggest wait in my life right now is the wait to marry warriormare and move to join her.

I think I’m glad I had the longish transition in my job before this wait, because it taught me both that I could survive the wait and that things could still turn out right after all that time.

But it doesn’t mean waiting is easy. Even the trivial waits like for the television to be free. (Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve shot daggered looks at my sister…yet, anyway.) In fact, that word yet does seem to be part of the problem, because waiting can feel a whole lot like not yet.

And it is especially that way when the TV isn’t the only thing I’m waiting on. I dare not check my FriendFeed for fear that I’ll find out the race result before I watch it. News and sports sites are also out. And I’m even a little unsure about some of the mailing lists I read. And a trip through the RSS feeds I read needs more care, so I don’t absent-mindedly advance to the F1-related feeds.

Of course, it also feels funny to be thinking about this so much. As waits go, this is a pretty trivial one. Even if I do end up hearing the result before I watch the race, it won’t affect anything except my enjoyment of watching the race.  There are zero long-term effects.  But it’s still a wait.

At least I know I’ll be able to watch later today and this wait will end.  Then again, I did mention another wait to my mother earlier: Just two sleeps until election day.


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