Spectator Election

I got my chance to vote three weeks ago, when Canadians re-elected the Conservatives to a minority government.  Today, it’s the Americans’ turn.  And if the polls can be believed, the result looks like it might be more to my liking.

But as I spend much of my day in front of CNN on TV (and MSNBC on the Internet, since our satellite company doesn’t offer MSNBC), but it’s been interesting to watch the coverage this time, especially with the amount of coverage Virginia is receiving in the national media.

Seeing all the problems with polling seems crazy to me.  Every election I have ever voted in up here in Canada has used the same technology: paper and pencil.  In some cases, the ballots were optically scanned, but in the vast majority, actual people opened the ballots and looked to see where we had marked “X”s.  It may take an extra hour or two on election night, but the process seems much less error-prone than that in many states (and also doesn’t seem to take as long to vote).

It’s been a long time since I’ve been as much of a spectator for an election that would affect me.  Even before I turned 18, I was active in working for candidates in my town.  And there will be more elections in which I cannot vote, since it will be several years before I have the possibility of becoming a U.S. citizen.

So if you have the vote, I hope you’ll take advantage and vote.  I can’t wait to get home from choir tonight to be able to start watching the returns come in and chat with warriormare online while we watch.

Hopefully, my blogging inspiration will be flowing more tomorrow, when I write next.  If not, at least there will be election results!