So much for NaBloPoMo

Well, it’s hardly a surprise that daily posting has not happened (although the effect is lessened, since warriormare has been posting when I haven’t).  Life has gotten busy, dealing with a change in parish leadership and preparing for a service with a couple of elements that only occur infrequently.  So blogging ended up low on the agenda.

Rails in the fogI did make some remedy to the lack of creativity, though.  I took a number of photos yesterday while I was walking.  It was a warm day, probably one of the last we’ll see here before winter arrives in full force.  And it was one of those days that people in this climate know to take advantage of before they leave.

The fall light is so wonderful, but it seems so strange at the middle of the day to see such long shadows in places.  But between yesterday’s morning fog and afternoon sun, I was definitely fortunate to see such wonderful beauty.

One good thing about taking photos is that it forces me to actually look at the world around me, to try to see the things that are there in plain sight that I might otherwise be too preoccupied or unobservant to notice.

And one of the best things is that it helps me find the beauty in my surroundings, something which is too easy to ignore when life gets busy.