Happy Friday!

Hurray!  Friday is here!  I’m feeling incredibly better, after deciding not to take the topamax ever again.  It does nothing to prevent the back-of-skull headaches, because (surprise!) they aren’t migraines.  And the side effects were making me absolutely miserable… and also making me fall way behind on all my deadlines at work.  I got more accomplished in the last two days since stopping that med than I had in all of the previous two weeks, and that’s pretty pathetic.

Last night, I engaged in quite the haiku battle with a fun Australian friend on FriendFeed, cheered on by plenty of pals.  I was a little hesitant when I first joined FriendFeed, but the community there has been fun, supportive, funny – basically all a geeky girl could ask for in a group of crazy friends from around the world.  Rather like hanging out at OCICBW, in fact, but with more technology.  It’s become my substitute for water cooler chat, now that I’m working from home, and I think that’s been good.

This afternoon I go in to the dentist for my very first ever root canal.  I wouldn’t be looking forward to it, except I can’t wait for the pain to go away.  Tooth pain really sucks, you know?  After the root canal, I’ll have two more appointments, to build the tooth back up for a crown, and then to put the crown on.  Fun.  (Sigh.)

Well, that’s about all I have to say right now.  Need to get back to work!  Have a great Friday, all, and a splendid weekend.  Peace!


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