Project 365: Day 1

As fall turns into winter and the weather gets quite cold here (Last week, my thermometer was reading 7 degrees F. Yes, single-digit temps in November.), I find that it’s difficult to force myself to get out and around, especially without a driver’s license. And it is very easy to get inward-looking.

And as a musician, the time leading up to Christmas can end up as a hectic whirlwind of concerts, recitals, and church services. And so it can be hard to force myself to find time for creativity.

Over the past couple of years, one of my favorite ways of being creative has become taking photographs. And so yesterday, I finally decided to take the plunge and do a Project 365. Take a photo a day. I haven’t set any rules for what the photos will be. This will be a chance to stretch myself and force myself to find creative time every day.

Yesterday, I got an unexpected drive to the piano lesson I taught, which gave me plenty of time for taking pictures in the church where I work. I got a good set of photos from around the church. (It seems to me that there are two situations where it’s easiest to find photos: when you first see something with fresh eyes or when you’re looking at a place that’s been part of you for a long time. Having grown up attending this church, I place it firmly in the latter category.

My favorite photo from the time was this one of the sanctuary lamp, with the stained-glass window from above the altar in the background. Maybe it’s one of those cases where the setting is special enough to me that I’m reveling in my memories of place. But since it’s my Project 365, that is the photo I chose for Day 1. Based on feedback from both warriormare and my mother, I also thought I’d include this honorable mention (right), which I quite like, too, and which I think they liked a little better than my pick. (Click on either photo to see a larger size.)

I don’t intend to post my Project 365 photos here every day, but I do hope to summarize them about once per week, probably including thumbnails of the week’s photos and taking more time to describe one or two in more detail. I’ll be collecting each day’s image in my Project 365 set on Flickr.

I wonder what today’s photo will be.


One thought on “Project 365: Day 1

  1. Very nice! I tend to find that when I’m experiencing something for the first time, I want to be fully in the moment, so I end up not touching the camera. But the second time I’m there, that’s when I’ll take a whole load of pictures. I’m looking forward to following these over the year – and I’m glad you started NOW instead of waiting for some later arbitrary date. Yay!


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