Project 365: A week (and more) in

So a happy feast of St. Nicholas to you! (And quick promo before getting underway for warriormare’s reflections on today’s readings, before I get underway.)

So this was the start of my Project 365, aiming to take a photo every day. And it went better in some ways than I thought and worse in others. Right now, what I’m happiest about is actually continuing. This is because I did miss one day, and I know myself. Once that happens, it can be easy for me to get defeatist and give in to the temptation to stop. But so far that day (which was a busy one: church in the morning and our community choir’s concert in the afternoon) is the only one I’ve missed.

Right now, my biggest disappointment is that I haven’t forced myself to get out of the house to do it sometimes. And, to be fair to myself, it’s winter, it’s Canada, it’s not always fun to get outside, especially for somebody who doesn’t drive. But since I need to get out of the house anyway, hopefully I can follow through more as time goes on.

I think I have to choose two photos as my favorites of the week (not counting the first day’s photo, which I posted here when I started).

The first would be this photo from my first real attempt to do nighttime photography. I went out before sunrise, tripod in hand ad caught this image just down the street.

The shoot almost got scuttled at the last minute though. I had looked out the window and it looked like the weather was OK, and so I gathered all my gear and put my camera on the tripod (so I wouldn’t have to worry about fiddling with that with frozen fingers), and got out the front door and found…that it had started to snow. I wasn’t sure what to do for a few seconds, because my camera was on the tripod, so I couldn’t just stick it in the camera bag to keep it out of the snow while I was walking.

Fortunately, common sense came to my aid and I found a plastic bag that was just a nice size for covering the camera while I walked (and I could also hold it above my camera for protection while I was waiting for the long exposures for each picture).  I can critique the photo, too. I would, um, prefer if the horizon was more level, but the photo works well, despite its lack of perfection. (That’s one of my goals for my Project 365…to be less hung up on perfection and Just Do It.)

The other favorite was totally unplanned. I was on my way to the credit union while the sun was low in the sky just before sunset (it sets at 4:20pm this time of year up here), and caught a wonderful sight of the sun peeking out from the clouds and silhouetting some trees in the distance.

The day I took this photo (yesterday, actually), I was fortunate in that I had another scene which inspired some creativity, too. But doing the 365 is also teaching me a bit of judgement. It forces me to make decisions. And I liked this photo better yesterday. Tomorrow, my opinion may shift, and that’s OK. Hopefully that will help make me easier to live with. (So I won’t be the guy who took 200 photos a day on vacation and wishes his family and friends would sit through the entire slideshow for the trip. I may still take that many photos when I’m in a new place, but I’m gaining a better appreciation of what should be shared.

I’ll finish with links to the rest of my Project 365 photos since my last 365 post here: