The rush and the blur

It’s hard to believe that I last posted on December 26.  The other ten days of Christmas ran past me, and then the Feast of the Epiphany whooshed by with lots of light and wonder.  It’s been two whole weeks, and while that fortnight has been a time of great change, it seems like that time escaped from me as quickly as I can snap my fingers.

On the fifth day of Christmas, December 29, maplestar came down for a visit, intended to last ten days.  He’s still here, and he’s not going anywhere.  His eyes were opened to just how much I’ve been struggling, because it is so hard to know the true magnitude from 700 miles away… especially when the person may be the type who doesn’t like to complain, and just sucks it up and keeps going.  Do you know anyone like that?  I didn’t think so.  🙂  I really didn’t want him to go, and he was reluctant to leave me here alone… and so, he stays.  Yup, just that simple.  We will marry next Saturday, in a civil ceremony with our parents and my kidlets and a very, very few very, very close friends.  It will take place in a restaurant, where we will give our vows to each other and then share a nice meal together.  By contrast, in about a year, we will renew our vows in a Blessing of Marriage at the church, with a crowd of I-don’t-want-to-count, and everyone there will be invited to share in the Great Feast at God’s Table.  I know both will be wonderful and special celebrations of the beautiful bond that maplestar and I share.

Meanwhile, I have become convinced that I am well and truly insane.  My first wedding was planned in six weeks, which was insane enough… now we’re planning this one in twelve days?!?  Insane.  And to follow it up with a second ceremony a year later?  Truly insane.  And it’s even funnier and more insane that Saturday night, after our wedding feast, we will come back to our home… with both of the kids.  So I guess we’ll spend our wedding night watching DVDs and playing board games?  Totally insane.  And totally us.  I think it will be wonderful… and I’m looking forward to having enough saved up so that next year, we can have a nice honeymoon trip.

So in the last week, we have met with an immigration attorney, gotten a marriage license, made reservations at the restaurant, made travel arrangements for maplestar’s family, picked out clothes to wear, and done plenty of running around and pulling hair out.  To make it all more fun, I’m traveling next week, Monday through Thursday, for my job.  Thankfully, I won’t be worrying about caterers and florists and photographers and clergy and altar guilds and last-minute hair appointments and family spats and all that other nonsense.  Instead, I’ll fly back here, meet my almost-mother-in-law at the airport after her flight down from Canada, and rest that night knowing that we will all enjoy our simple ceremony to celebrate our day.

I hope you’ll rejoice with us, friends — in 8 days, I will be Mrs. Maplestar and he will be Mr. Warriormare.  😀


3 thoughts on “The rush and the blur

  1. I haven’t decided yet about a church job. There are some aspects of the job I really enjoy, and some that I find persistently challenging. I also really love warriormare’s parish here and am looking forward to being a part of it. When I get my work authorization, I may try to get my name out there for supply work. And there may be positions out there which would play to my strengths.

    In short, that’s something I intend to think about over the next few months. And when I’m able to work in this country, we’ll see how I’m feeling about continuing that part of my life.


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