Just a nice weekend

My son and daughter had the weekend with us, and it was even a long weekend — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights — as the girl had a dentist appointment this morning.

They were tired when I picked them up from work Friday afternoon.  Both kids are volunteer camp counselors at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, working full days outside with the little ones.  We stopped by Car Spa to have my car washed and vacuumed, then grabbed Taco Bell (their request), and came home.  After some downtime, I called the kids out of their bedrooms to play board games.  My son showed us a card game that was a lot of fun, especially for us highly competitive folks, and then we played Balderdash.  We were laughing, high-fiving, and really enjoying ourselves.  Afterward, I played an ancient computer game with my son until we all went to bed.

Saturday morning, we took care of grocery-shopping in the morning, and then I dropped off my daughter for some time at the mall with her friends.  At home, we made cheesesteaks for lunch and generally relaxed for the afternoon.  The girl spent the night at her friend’s house, so we played more computer games after going out for supper (and finding a bonus marker for maplestar to snarf).

On Sunday morning, I was not awake enough to drive the ten minutes to church, much less to stay awake during the service.  Thankfully, I was one of two healing prayer ministers scheduled, because I fell back into bed and slept for three more hours.  Once we were all up and showered and everything, we grabbed lunch, picked up some new sneakers for the girl, and went to Red Wing Park for a walk through the gardens there.  We had more time to relax before preparing an entirely grilled supper — marinated flank steak (“London Broil”), corn on the cob, and vegetables.  After cleanup, we played Balderdash again, and then the kidlets watched Wayne’s World before they turned in for the night.

The last weekend the kids spent with us was not nearly so nice.  It ended in a big argument between my daughter in me, and both kids opted to go back to their dad’s house for the rest of the weekend.  I still miss having her live here in alternate months, and it really hurts to hear the poison she is picking up about me from her father.

The thing about this weekend, though, is that it wasn’t spectacular.  There wasn’t anything super exciting or special about it.  It was a quiet weekend, spent mostly at home.  But we had a great time together.  Both kids were laughing and high-fiving maplestar, getting along with him more easily and comfortably than I’d seen them before.  I am so thankful that we could have this nice time together.  In my prayers, I haven’t had much than that to say: thank you, God!