a new identity!

I’ve sensed for a while that Practicing Intentional Gratitude was no longer really the identity for this blog.  The first post here goes back to February 1, 2007, and a great deal has changed in my life — and in maplestar’s! — since then.  And while gratitude is still an important component in my spiritual life, other parts of the picture are coming into focus while that part fades more into the background.

The title for this new identity — an inquiring and discerning heart — comes from a prayer that is prayed over people just after they are baptized and become more than simply individuals but members of the body of Christ, of the great communion of saints.  You can see this prayer over to the right.  Threads of inquiry and discernment have run through this blog since its beginning, and I expect them to run throughout my entire life.  In fact, I expect that these threads run through just about everybody’s life!

I may touch up the paint-job some here and there, possibly choose a different image up in the header.  But my hope is that the core identity represented by this title more truly reflects what it is we’re doing here.


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