will you save me?

A lenten devotion based on Genesis 37:12-24:

Cave, by Adam UXB Smith
Cave, by Adam UXB Smith

—Hey guys?


—Helloooo? Guys?


—OK, enough is enough, guys! This isn’t funny any more! I know you’re jealous of the coat and I know you’re jealous because I’m the youngest, but GET ME OUT OF THIS PIT, RIGHT NOW!

thinks for a second

—Come on, guys. We’re all brothers, here! It’s not my fault I’m Dad’s favorite! Wouldn’t
it be great to have a meal together and share a couple of drinks? Oh…guess I’m “the dreamer” again now. Come on! Reuben, where are you?! You guys have had your fun, but enough is enough!


—OK, it’s dirty down here, and I can’t see what’s going on! And I’m sure it’ll be dark
out there, too, before too long…Can you guys send down a ladder, already? Or maybe a
blanket? I’m getting cold without the robe! If you don’t get me out of here soon, I’m going to tell dad! … Come on, what’s mom going to say if I catch cold because you guys were pulling a prank on me?

feels around in the dark

—Come on, guys, this pit is dirty…I’ve had enough! All that dream stuff was just
something that was going on while I slept; I didn’t mean anything by it!

sits down dejectedly, and the yells begin to dwindle into half-heartedness

—Guys? Are you there?

—O God? Will You save me?