something for your lent

One of the blessings of being part of my parish home is that each year for Lent, regular members of our congregation volunteer to write a short devotional for each weekday of the season.  This year, we have more young people than ever taking part in our lenten devotionals, and we have had a wonderful variety of perspectives, writing styles, and ideas.

I signed up for Good Friday, which is the day I took last year, too.  I’m not sure just yet what my journey to the Cross will look like next week and into Holy Week, so I can’t tell you what will be in my devotional yet.  You’ll have to come back and see!

I invite you, if you have a little time and would like to enter into the Word, to browse through the devotionals that have been written so far.  Most of these are written by normal, everyday lay people, who aren’t seminary-trained or in the formation process for priests or deacons.  They’re just folks, and just folks make up the vast majority of the church universal.  So go take a look; you won’t be disappointed!