in today’s installment of crap…

… came yet one more post from my father on facebook, being a jerk to transgender people. As I am married to a trans woman, it comes as a personal insult.  So I said it straight out: if you are going to keep saying these things in public, then you will lose a daughter.  I doubt it will change anything, unless he decides to filter me out of people who see his posts, and that is just sad.

Dad hates on anything left of center

Jesus tells us to love and pray for our enemies, so I will continue to love and pray for my father. I just wish he would consider that his public online behavior might have negative effects on people he loves.


2 thoughts on “in today’s installment of crap…

  1. How awful and hurtful. I just don’t understand people who think it’s ok to insult their own family publicly like that. I mean, even if (for some reason) you *think* it, you don’t need to *say* it (or post it). I’m sorry you have to deal with that.


  2. Yeah. His facebook page is filled with hateful posts… and he claims that it is a Christian value to post this crap. I don’t think he realizes that he is hurting people when he says these things, but I’ve had enough of the constant vomit of bile and poison from him. I unfollowed and acquaintanced him, but all that means is that I don’t see his attacks, not that they’ve stopped. I know that cutting off the relationship is a similar thing, but he has to know that I will not continue to tolerate this behavior in the presence of myself or my family.


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