moodnudges – worth a moment today

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on MoodNudges and WellBee.  Here’s the little nudge I received in my email this morning:

Are you a better friend to others than you are to yourself?

Let’s just imagine for one moment that a good friend is having a hard time. How might you help her?

For a start, you’d probably be kind. You’d encourage and support her, and try to help her see that you empathise with her.  …

It’s a lovely reminder that we need to be kind to ourselves – at least as kind to ourselves as we are to others.  Two or three of these brief reflections arrive in my email each week, just the right number to not be overwhelming.  You can read them on the MoodNudges website, which I recommend most heartily.

While you’re there, check out WellBee, too.  I received my cards (very quickly!), but I haven’t worked with them yet.  I need to dig them out of the mail pile and bring them to my desk. I can say that the cards are lovely, and the little tin is supercute.  And it was personally signed by Alex and Jon.  🙂