today in chat: learning lessons in managing

What I wanted to communicate:

Scenarios are not necessary at this time. We will write those in the next iteration of this document.

What I actually said:

No no no!
No scenarios!

What I would think if my manager said this to me:

OMG she thinks I’m stupid, and I did it wrong, and I never do anything right, and I will fail at this document, and it has to be delivered today, and it won’t make that timeline, and [Client] will fire us and [Employer] will go out of business and I will live in a box in an alley and eat rats raw until I starve to death, and it’s all because I started working on scenarios!

What my peep thought instead of “I will live in a box in an alley”:

And if I have no money, I can’t get hookers and blow.

How I felt after inadvertently shouting at my peep in chat:

77% lower.

Was a lesson learned?

Yes. Apparently the missing filter between brain and mouth is also missing between brain and fingers.  Slow the fuck down, hedwyg, and THINK!