Yesterday was the first day of my graduate studies in mathematics. The class is Numerical Analysis, where we will have four programming assignments over the semester, plus some in-class work. The professor said in the rubric for the first assignment that we can use the language or math tool of our choice, and named C, C++, Java, Matlab, Mathematica, and one other.

Ada, Countess of Lovelace, 1840

Our first assignment has four problems. I soooooooo want to write them in Fortran, Lisp, Ada, and COBOL.

Lisp would be perfect for this class, since it, like numerical analysis, is all about iteration and recursion.

But then I’d have to use emacs.

And I may be a math nerd, but I’m not THAT crazy!


One thought on ““yes, we will be programming”

  1. Numerical Analysis (or sometimes called Introduction to Scientific Computing which I took as well) is a computational mathematics type course. The course deals with finding approximate solutions to math problems that would be difficult/impossible to solve through paper and pencil.

    I’m sure that MATLAB, Java, C and C++ can run loops. Out of those I know MATLAB is good for linear algebra and it can handle numerical methods decently. I don’t know about Java, C and C++ in terms of math syntax.


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